startup movies and tv shows
7 mins

17 best Silicon Valley startup movies and TV shows to stream

Our favorite shows and movies about tech companies, covering everything from groundbreaking successes to scandals.
A lost phone.
4 mins

What you should do after losing your phone

Losing your phone is nerve-racking, but it’s best stay focused on getting it back and protecting your data.
Smartphone with a receipt coming out of the screen.
7 mins

Which online payment method is safest?

Online or mobile payment methods are more convenient for shopping, but which methods provide the most privacy?
The LinkedIn logo dangling from a fishing hook and line.
7 mins

How to spot and protect yourself against LinkedIn scams

LinkedIn is full of opportunities, yet not all of them end with you getting that dream job. Learn to identify and protect yourself against the five most common LinkedIn scams.
Update icon with a question mark.
4 mins

Auto app updates: Pros and cons, and how to turn them...

Apps should be updated regularly to safeguard your device’s security. But should you set them to update automatically or manually?
delete social media apps and online accounts
1 min

How to delete your Facebook account, Google search history, and more

Need to delete your Facebook account? Remove everything Google knows about you? Here's how!
4 mins

Netflix, Facebook, and Instagram, but for kids?

Some of the biggest tech companies like Netflix and Meta are creating versions of their platforms for young children. Good idea/bad idea?


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Video: What are stalkerware apps? Protect yourself from phone monitoring

Stalkerware and other forms of monitoring software are on the rise. Stay vigilant against it to protect your privacy, and your safety.